My Lecturer’s Daughter
(Oscotech Affection Untold)
Episode two.

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The thought of how skilful in heart breaking I am filled my heart, “What a beautiful break-up plan” I said to myself as I rolled up and down on the bed. Imagine Cecilia asking that I take her to Timsed for Valentine on Sunday morning! So disgusting, I’m a good Christan; anyway, Cecilia has done her part, she should give chance for a fresh queen to fill my heart. It is a practice of all guys in Oscotech; a babe per semester, a new babe is needed.
As my mind search through the ladies list that was registered in my brain, I stopped to examine Amori; a lady I met at the entrepreneurship class. Let me tell you how I met this beautiful, hot babe.
Last week Tuesday after spending 35minutes inside the bathroom, I positioned myself before the mirror as I dressed-up putting on my customized T-shirt with Adedara on it; this gave me a full confidence(call it pride is you like) as I stepped out of my hostel bouncing and walking like a newly paid yahoo boy to the entrepreneur class.
“Beautiful name!” A lady said to me as I sat down beside her at the hairdressing class; only God knows why I choose hairdressing over other classes at the vocational training.
“Really! Thanks” I replied as I moved more closer to her. “But my name is not as beautiful as you look” I added.
“Is that a compliment?” She asked
“Yes! You’re so beautiful and darling. Can I meet you?”
“I’m Olaosebikan Oluwayemisi Oluwatobiloba” she replied.
“What a beautiful name!” I said as I gave her my phone to have her number.
Amori, can I have your phone?” a lady who seems to be her friend called from behind.
“Are you Amori?” I asked in disbelief. I thought the name cease to exist in ages past.
“Don’t mind her joor! It was a name from my grandma” she replied. “and you, ever in your life don’t call me Amori again” she said having her friend.
“No! That’s a beautiful name. The name compliment your beauty” I said collecting my phone from her as I saved her number with Amori.
“Are you sure it’s a beautiful name?” she asked.
“Yes dear! Lovely name. I’m sure your fiance will love it”
“Fiance ke! I’m not engaged o!” She replied looking down as she played with her fingers.
“Does that mean that I have a chance to try my luck?”
“Stop kidding! You must be engaged already” she said trying to adjust her overlapping bra-strap.
“Engaged! I’m still single because I’ve never meet such a beautiful lady like you and I don’t mind if you’ll make me an happy person by being my love and my life” I replied. I could notice how nervous she became the instance I asked her out.
Well! To cut the long story short, I reinforced my words coated with sugar and she promised to get back to me the following Monday! I mean this tomorrow!
Thank God, Cecilia is gone; Amori must take it up from where Cecilia stopped.
The night was not a long one, my sleep was disrupted by a message that came in at exactly 5:59am on Monday morning. The only thought that came to my mind was all about Amori’s reply to my proposal. “That’s what the message will contain” I said within myself.
I became nervous, only God knows why. Sleeping became impossible as I rushed in and out the toilet, I’ve never felt this way on ladies issue before.
“Could it be true love?” I asked myself but I’m very sure I’ve never loved with my heart after a bitch broke my heart.
I took my bath, brushed my teeth, sweep the whole compound, prepare my breakfast(unlike before) and even washed my cloth; all because I was afraid to open the message. When it was 10am after all the works, I decided to read the message which left me with total disappointment as I read; “Dear customer, get online instead of waiting in line. Download the Gtbank Mobile App and bank easier. Visit the IOS App or Google Play Store to get started. Sender Gtbank
Before I could drop the phone, another message came in. I became reluctant to open it but I did.
“Meet me at the library. 12pm. Your Amori
“Yes! ” I shouted aloud as I rushed out of the room. Amori is online. This is few minutes past 10am, I still have almost 2hours to get myself prepared for “My Amori” as she quoted in her message.
“No turning back!” I encouraged myself trying to check if I’m with my library ID card.
The library was so silent and with few student inside, I walked towards the literature shelf and picked five Shakespeare, three Wole Soyinka, four Chinua Achebe and two poetry collection from different poet. I sat comfortably at a corner of the library waiting for Amori to show up. Few minutes to twelve, she called to notify me of her arrival outside the library; I instantly became even more nervous, my hands started to tremble as I cleared my throat over and over again.
“Hey Adedara!” She called my attention since I had my eyes fixed on the table.
Amori, how do you do?” I said as I offer her a seat.
Seconds turned into minutes as minutes was turning to hours yet we both remained silent and mute, I’m sure it was nervousness. I cleared my throat several time trying to break the silence but it seems like my tongue has developed a partial stroke; I could be best describe as deaf and dumb at that moment. I was still reading through the pages of things fall apart when Amori broke the silence.
“You must be a genius to read upside down!” Amori said pointing at the the book I was reading_ do I just say reading? Maybe just holding will be an appropriate word to use.
“Oh! You mean the book?” I muttered in disgrace knowing I’m was only holding the book to engage myself. “Yeah! I am trying to check out something out” I added.
“You’re not looking bad” She said with a seductive smile.
“Thanks Dearie” is all I could say as I cleared my throat again.
“I know you’re nervous” She continued. But trust me, I am ready to be your girl for a week and if you failed to satisfy my desire during that period; it is over!” She concluded with a wicked grin across her face.
“No…..no…no problem dear” I stammered as I replied. I immediately summoned the courage of asking her for a kiss which she gave without hesitation.
Being lost in the moment of kiss, a young lady cleared her throat asking that we leave the way; I broke the kiss as I led her out of the library with our hands locked together like a wedded couple.

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