Okcityloaded came across some pictures of a talented 17-year-old boy who constructed nice replicas of some motorcycles and an industrial grinding machine.

17-year-old Oloche Paul, has joined the league of talented Nigerians who know how to create wonderful pieces of art with their hands.

Oloche, an SS3 student of Vama model college, Otukpo, Benue state, made some replicas of motorcycles, tricycles which are powered using Nokia phone batteries and an industrial grinding machine which uses engine oil and water as well as phone battery.

While speaking to Idoma Voice, Oloche revealed he gets his creative inspiration from the dreams he has while he’s asleep. He also said he doesn’t spend money on raw materials.

He said:

“I believe it is my God given talent to create machines because I didn’t learned this from anywhere or anyone, I get the insight on everything I do from my dream, whenever I get confused, I just need to get to sleep to get back on track, I feel gifted because I can see how any engine I need to create works and looks right from the inside. I’ve never bought any of the materials I used before, all I need to do is to melt rubbers into any shape I want then get wires from spoilt and condemned television panels.”

Speaking about his son’s talents, Mr Paul said:

“He has so many amazing talents, which he has been displaying right from his primary school days. He is a science student but he can draw perfectly and also makes sandals for sale, I just pray that we can get him a sponsor or a scholarship to study abroad so he can advance and do better.”

See More pictures of things he made with his hand:

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