GUMS AKA Gumsfather, released a lovely music sensation “African beauty” In 2012. After dropping “Fighter” Featuring Sayon, LarryB & Pheel, and a couple of songs, he took a break from the music scene for a while. But this year, he is back with a hard joint “Let Them Know” Featuring Fidi, off his forth coming Mixtape. Let them know is a song addressing the current situation of the Country and the People. The song is produced by Lord Paul.

Feel the vibes and get the messages…


LYRICS – Let Them Know – GUMS

Hae… Say… Say…Hae…

See dem what dem gotta know

Let them know, let them know what dem gotta know (4X)
Yea yea yea

(Verse 1)
In the beginning I belie every is so cool
Every day living life was a good thing
Egalitarian Livelihood was in the making
Until money greed and power made the world so messy
I was born in a hood erthing was so rude
Erday was anaother day
Everybody so furious to get it whether good or bad
Living life in the hood become so dangerous
Currency hard to get cos of hard economy
O yeah we still thrive without the money

Tryna work hard, increasing casualties
Tryna school but the fees so outrageous

I could be president Aso rock my residence
Set these people free from their misery of poverty
I run things in the hood, that’s my ghetto rep
Poor papers in the hood, that’s my ghetto stress

Situation of the nation getting critical
We got much theories with less practical
Naira bills Circulation so political
Living in the past, but the present is

Down in the south side they call it terror side
Use to be North side now everywhere is rife
Assassinations diplomatic relations
Killed indigenous people bloodshed and violence

We gotta stop fighting and face realities
See, everybody wants a good life
Provide the necessities, stop the atrocities
Could have peaceful communities in this century

Let them know, let them know what dem gotta know (4X)
Yea yea yea

(Verse 2)
In this cold rugged world seasons come and go
Hard times are certain when in dark moments
Some make it hard as if life is worse than hell
Continuous suffering in misery of poverty
Life should be beautiful for everybody in the hood
Women are really trying paying the task of motherhood
Every time I still pray bless your heart momma
Dear lord keep her on, she’s one of her kind

Moving across the nation, there is a little portion
For the ones laboring and the rich stuck in greed
Political crisis, collision arising,
Inflation in prices, causing mass starvation

All these persists, we need another world of reals
I don’t blame friends cutting out to yankee or jand
Technology’s rising, economy’s dropping
Ignorance is rising, we gotta let them know say
Superstition super stitched our feelings
And religion is a key that is locking our humanity
Let them know there is a way that seems right to a man but the end is a way that could lead to death

Let them know nothing is impossible
Hey brother cry no more it’s gonna be a brighter day
Let them know is one nation under God
No matter what they do it’s still one nation
Let them know the Lord is the Boss
Let them know we’ll keep fighting and the real change is gonna come
Let them know we are Africans
Let them know Africans don’t retreat and we don’t surrender
Let them know we are human beings
Let them know human beings still believe life has value
Let them know life is a warfare
Let them know that defeat shouldn’t be anybody’s option
Let them know, let them know, Let them know, let them know
Yor yor yor
Ye ye ye

See dem what dem gotta know (3x)
Yea yea yea…
8801 Records


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