Our users like Gossip & Argument, as such, we use this as an opportunity to get more downloads for some Songs especially when the Artiste is an upcoming artiste.

This is how the Controversial post works. After getting your Song on Okcityloaded, We will create and put a Post up on Okcityloaded, where we will compare the upcoming artiste to a bigger Artiste and then ask our users which song they think sounds better.

The way Music is been promoted is fast changing and one needs to leverage on the new trend to get the much desired result for your Music content.


We will create this Post on Okcityloaded, Write an Article about the said artist and then tell our Users to Download the song, compare it to that of the big Artiste’s song and then ask our users to tell us the one they find more interesting in the comment section.

This post alone can give you more Downloads which ranges between 100k to 200k New Downloads there by giving the Song & Artiste the needed attention it needs to be known.

Interested in this package? Hit us up for the price.

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