My Lecturers Daughter.
(Oscotech Affection Untold)
Episode One.

It was as if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, my face looked so horrible with my hair totally unkempt. I really can’t remember if I fought anyone in my dream but I felt punching myself each time I realize I’ve woken up.
Being a lazy Urp student is even enough to frustrate you, I was still lying on the bed with my dirty cloths packed to a side of the bed as my unfinished layout plan stared right at me. I managed to fish out my phone amidst the dirty bed sheet as I switch it on.
“Is today Sunday?” I asked myself when I saw the date displayed on my phone, I went to church last Sunday; today’s service will definitely be on my bed after I manage to prepare a meal for myself. The sight of my rough room kept my bones weaken as laziness found a passage through my toes, without any hesitation; I logged in to facebook to mark my daily register with Zuckerberg.
Dara!” I heard my name followed by a light knock on my door.
“Who visits a friend early on Sunday morning?” I muttered to myself shedding off the bed sheet as I jumped off the bed. My hostel mates must be in church by now, only God knows who is at the door.
Adedara!” the voice called louder with an heavy bang on the door.
I tried packing the dirty pot I used to cook noodles on Thursday night, I noticed another set of piled up dirty clothes littering the floor and also the nylons of the sachet water spilling off the bin.
“A minute please!” I said packing off the dirty clothes in an attempt to clean up the room.
Cecilia! I’m not aware of your visit!” I exclaimed as I opened the door.
“Do I need a notice to visit my boo?” Cecilia asked as she closed the door behind her walking majestically towards the bed.
“Why are you not in church?” I asked in surprise as I looked at her outfit; a short red skirt jumping up her yellow thigh and her jumper white blouse that revealed her tiny navel. While I was expecting her to give me a reply, Cecilia moved closer to me placing my hands on her nearly bare hips as she passionately planted her tongue on my mouth. I was reluctant at the first instance, I remembered that I’m yet to brush my teeth but I think love supersede everything.
I dragged her towards myself with her hips pressed against my loin. I broke the kiss to start another one afresh as I pressed her against my wooden shelve. Her lips really treated like an orange juice as I kissed her without giving a breathing space, after what seems like 10minutes, I finally let go of her lips as she struggled for breath laying flat on the bed.
I cleared my throat sitting beside her as I brush through her well plaited hair with my left hand while the other hand work through her thigh. “Why are you not in church?” I asked again.
“You still don’t get it Adedara!” She replied pushing me against the bed as her hand worked through the passage of my beard. “Today is Valentine!” She added as she unbuttoned her jacket to reveal her white underwear with my name customized on it “ADEDARA
Va…..va…va….lentine?” I asked as my mouth developed partial stroke. I know what Cecilia is capable of.
“Yes Nah! Val. February 14” she replied.
“That’s great! Valentine on Sunday!” I muttered out.
“All my friends; Debby, Temmy, Tobi, Rachael and others are out with their boo to Timsed at Ijebu-jesa; I told them we’re also coming together. So will you take your bathe and let us go?” She asked standing up to check my wardrobe.
A minute of silence shouted through my brain as the thought of how broke I am filled my brain. Cecilia is always demanding and requesting; but right now, I have #250 in my bank account and #70 at hand. I surely know what to do, this is not my first game. I know how I dealt with Christiana, Bedemi, Sola not to talk of Adesewa.
“As you know that today is Sunday” I said trying to sit right on the bed “and you know that I am a devoted Christian, so I must go to church before considering any other activities. God first”
“No problem dear. In as much as we will go to Timsed after service, I’m okay with it” She replied after few seconds of internal murmuring showing how unsatisfied she is with my idea. Who cares, she has no choice than to comply.
At the church, I really can’t think straight with Cecilia sitting beside me. When the pastor says ‘Praise God’ I reply with Holy Ghost fire_ I knew something was wrong with me! But what could be wrong with me? Is it because I don’t have money to take Cecilia out on Valentine or the missed calls from five of my side chicks!
Fortunately for me, the pastor in charge exhibited total Valentine apathy as he launched into sermon with a topic on rapture. The church became totally quiet, only the vibrating sound of the speaker could be heard.
“I need to use the toilet” Cecilia said as she walked out of the church only for her to come back 5minutes to the end of the service. The service lasted for three hours, it was already 12:30pm when the grace was shared. I immediately summoned Cecilia to the power house where I know no one will see us, I closed the door behind me as I leaned forward pressing very close to her. She rested against the wall that partitioned the power house from the pastors office as she closed her eyes with her mouth wide open and her lips shivering like a fever patient. I moved even more closer as our body touched each other, I knew she was expecting a kiss but I’m not sure if I really want to kiss her.
“Why did you left the church when the sermon was going on?” I asked in a low voice.
“I don’t get you!” she replied with total disappointment drawn on her face, only God knows what disappointed her.
“I Mean for what reason will you leave the church while the service was going on?” I asked, now with an aggressive voice.
“It is normal to use the toilet at any time Nah” she replied shocked and confused.
“Oh! So my question is abnormal Abi? I am not normal! Look here; it is over between us!” I yelled at her as I head towards the door.
“Sweetheart, this is February 14th not April 1st. You should stop that expensive joke!” She said moving closer as she tried to draw me back.
“Leaving the church while the pastor was preaching is a sign that you have no regards for God and moreover; my question is abnormal, so I am also sick, crazy, mentally disturbed, lunatic abi? Cecilia, it is over!” I said as I walked out of the power house leaving her surprised like a flying frog.

Episode One complete.
(Valentine Gift)
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